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Birds of Paradise
Excerpts taken from the 25th Anniversary press release
Incolay celebrates the realization of the American dream - owning and succeeding in a small business.
From reproducing cameo-relief cufflinks in a garage, the original Incolay Studios, Inc. grew to be a leader in the creation of bas-relief giftware in the United States. They handcrafted jewelry, decorative cases, belt buckles, wall decor and limited edition collector plates which were sold throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, Japan, Singapore and Sweden.
An avid collector of bas-relief antiques, E.M. Bright, along with his wife Sharane Gordon Bright, the original owners, were fascinated with the carved miniature portraits and scenes on multi-colored stones from ancient Greece. The carvings were so fine, a magnifying glass was needed to see all of the details. The time and skill required for this type of intricate artwork rendered it a lost art form.
They envisioned re-creating the look of antique cameos using unique material and process capabilities. They experimented with various minerals, semi-precious stones and bonding agents. Eventually the Incolay Cameo Stone was created; a complex combination of minerals which was stratified to re-create the same variegated formations and beauty found in natural stone. They designed a process by which the Incolay Stone could be formed in mezzo or bas-relief, re-creating every detail without harming the original antique.
Incolay Cameo Stone was available in a variety of mineral colors including sardonyx, cobalt, rose quartz, banded agate, and many more. To ensure the highest quality, trained artisans handcrafted the Incolay Cameo Stone process.
The first customer to exhibit enthusiasm for Incolay Cameo Stone was a buyer for Bullocks and Bullocks/Wilshire Department Stores who purchased a selection of men's cufflinks.
Over the years Incolay Studios grew and prospered. To stay current with the consumers' ever-changing desire for new designs, top level sculptors were commissioned to create original artwork to be produced in Incolay Cameo Stone.
When the company moved to the facilities in San Fernando, California, Vince Gleason joined the company as vice president of operations.
In 1971 Incolay Studios introduced what was to become the main product line of the company - decorator cases for both men and women. They continued handcrafting a wide range of jewelry cases and other products. The most popular and enduring design for seventeen years was the "Birds of Paradise" followed by "Cherubs at Play".
Eventually the company entered the world of "limited edition" collectibles. For many years Incolay Studios produced a number of limited edition plate series which were marketed exclusively by "The Bradford Exchange".
The tremendous response of collectors to the beauty of antiquity re-created in Incolay Cameo Stone then inspired limited edition musical cases. The most famous of these being "Le Magnifique" boasting a three tune, seventy-two note Swiss Rouge movement that was strictly limited to twenty-five hundred cases worldwide.
The twenty-fifth anniversary was commemorated with a decorator case, "Cherubic Princess", a delicate jewel case available in Rose Quartz and Sapphire Blue Incolay Cameo Stone. This piece was also a limited edition.
Incolay Studios was located at 445 North Fox Street, San Fernando, California, 91340.

Cherubs at Play

Le Magnifique
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