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INCOLAY products vary from reproductions of classic antiques to modern day artist renderings. We produce "trinket" boxes, as well as "treasure" boxes. Many function as jewelry boxes and men's valets. Our hope is to re-introduce our music boxes in the very near future. Most of our wall decor, mirrors and clocks are reproductions of antiques as well. As all of our work is handcrafted, no two pieces can ever be identical. Our products are proudly made in the United States of America. Our materials are also obtained in the United States. With workmanship second to none, we have designed INCOLAY products to endure the test of time while creating memories to last a lifetime.
We welcome custom orders. We can create a piece of art based on your specifications, design, or logo. We can also personalize your treasure; engraved in the INCOLAY stone, or on an attached plaque.
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