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The first cameo, commissioned by Alexander the Great, immortalized his handsome profile in multi-colored stone. During the reign of Augustus Caesar, carvings in multi-layered onyx of Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses became popular with the wealthy and influential patrons of the day.
We, at INCOLAY, have captured the infinitely fine detailing found in this beautiful art form. Unlike the original cameos, INCOLAY stone is extremely durable. Each piece, inlaid with natural minerals, has been handcrafted to bring the beauty of ancient times to this modern world.
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ACC-05170 - Small Busts Bookends
6 ½" x 4 ¾" x 3" (2 lbs.)
shown in marble - available in marble

WD-05140 - Vigilance
18 ½" x 12" (7 ¾ lbs.)
shown in marble, only available in marble

ACC-05171 - Venus Soap Dish
7"x 5"x 1" (1 lb.)
shown in O - available in B, GT, LR, N, RQ, O, DR

WD-05141 - Vigilance Artwork
Antique (suitable for framing)
14" x 11"
shown in marble, only available in marble
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