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For centuries the great sculptured works of cameo art have been preserved in museums worldwide.
The artisans at INCOLAY utilize a process by which they are able to reproduce with precision and detail the finest works of antiquity as well as the work of today's exceptional artists. This handcrafted product is called INCOLAY stone.
INCOLAY stone is a complex combination of various colored natural minerals and coupling agents. The stratification, which results, produces the same variegated formations and beauty found in natural stone. The white artwork is also handcrafted and fuses with the variegated conformations to develop INCOLAY stone.
Since each piece is handcrafted and has a unique stone color formation, no two pieces are identical.
The name INCOLAY is a coined word derived from "in-layers of color" or "in-color-lay" beauty.

INCOLAY, now owned by Schaedler-Schmidt, Inc., is located at 12927 South Budlong Avenue , in Gardena Ca 90247.
All of our products continue to be "proudly made in the United States of America". We have been so very fortunate in our ability to re-hire the artisans that have created this superior product for decades. Their dedication is remarkable and heart-warming in today's high tech society.
INCOLAY products are known throughout the world for their quality and superior workmanship. Our goal and mission is to continue that reputation. To be in contact with our customers, listening to their requests and suggestions. To continue to search for antique artwork worthy of reproduction, and to work with today's artists to stay current with the ever-changing preferences of our customers and their clients. And lastly, to have these priceless works of art treasured and passed from one generation to the next.
The antique reproductions, as well as the reproduced carvings rendered by contemporary artists, are beautifully handcrafted; thus no two pieces are exactly the same.
We are proud of our reproductions of antiquity and respect the talent of yesterday. We have also been blessed with the talent of today's artists whose work is unparalleled in their fields.


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